News -

1/27/2013: Added a 3-D web applet called "Orbital Explorer". Basically a means of seeing some basic electron orbitals. Also added the new DIY Rotary Evaporator project which is successfully completed. Much more to come!

2/22/2012: Citizen science discoveries page is up. Feel free to check it out. Been busy but things are still moving along.

2/18/2012: Put up TI-83 source code for the calculators so you can all make these calculators portable. The web-site actually was DDOS attacked today... Hard to believe, considering there has been almost NO visitors. I'd hate to actually buy and protect a server to keep such a small web-site on-line. Guess thats how the internet is these days, oh well... Anyways, I have some experiment ideas planned and am excited to perform and document them when my order arrives!

2/15/2012: The contact page is complete. So if you would like to become an affiliate, report an error, leave a suggestions, or say hello, feel free to. The back-end is up and relatively secure, not that it matters to any of you browsers but it does to me. The DIY Power Supply, and DIY Stir-bar retriever page are also now up and functioning. All links that are up are functional. Slowly coming together, hopefully by the weekend this thing get's a nice content haul.

2/13/2012: The web-site is officially launched. There is not much content yet. Two basic calculators, the goals page, the D.I.Y. polarimeter page have all been created. Hope-fully by the end of the week the finished project's pages along with some of the more basic pages will be completed. PHP functionality will not be implemented until the web-page matures in content, and there is a humble amount of visitors coming to the page.